Why You Should Consider Whole–House Surge Protection

Point of use surge protectors do provide some level of protection but they simply cannot contend with the level of coverage that a whole–house surge protection system has to offer.

Whole–house surge protectors have the upper hand not only in terms of the ground that they cover, but in their ability to deal with powerful surges as well.

Whole–house surge protectors spring into action as soon as excess voltage tries to make its way into your electrical system. These surge protection devices are installed right at the electrical panel, leaving them well–placed in order for swift operation. While power strips may stop power surges from frying the electronics plugged into them, a whole–house surge protector protects your electrical system itself by ensuring that this power surge never makes it to the outlets in your home to begin with.

Not only can whole–house surge protection better protect your electrical system from major power surges, such as those caused by lightning strikes or problems at the power plant, but it can also protect your entire house from more minor surges as well. When larger appliances are turned on in the home, a minor power surge can result. A whole–house surge protection system can prevent even these minor surges, which can lead to cumulative damage over time, from making its way throughout your circuits. When you consider too the fact that power surges can make their way into your home via cable or telephone lines as well, it becomes clear that more comprehensive coverage is a goal worth pursuing.

Schedule Professional Whole–House Surge Protection Services

You need to know that any work involving your electrical system is completed professional and with the utmost care. That is why you should schedule your whole–house surge protection services with a member of our staff. We will evaluate your existing system and your electrical panel, and we will make sure that your home is outfitted with a whole–house surge protector that meets its needs entirely. If you are ready to get serious about the way in which you protect your electrical system, your home, and your belongings from power surges, then give a member of the All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning staff a call today to schedule service.

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