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We are here to help

We are here to help

We are here to help you during this difficult time.

Whether you are a current customer or a future customer, we are here for you.

If you are in need of a filter for your Air Conditioning system, we would like to deliver or install one for you free of charge.

Just contact us to schedule an appointment for delivery or installation. We are here to keep you cool!

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Did you know that HVAC dealers are considered essential?

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The events of the past days and weeks concerning the Coronavirus have been pretty unsettling and our HVAC team wants to do our part in keeping your community healthy and safe.

Did you know that HVAC dealers are considered essential? So our business will remain open so that we can continue to assist our community.

Your health, the health of your family, community, and our team members are our top priority. As a result of this pandemic, we will be closely following the recommendations of the CDC.

When you contact us for heating and air conditioning service, we’ll be asking about your health and the health of your family.

If entering your home is appropriate, we have developed new procedures for contact-free visits. Our technicians will wear disposable gloves, we’ll be mindful of maintaining a suggested 6-foot distance from you and your family members, and wear masks upon request and availability.

We care deeply about your health, the health of our community, and our service technicians so let’s make an agreement to protect your family as well as ours.

If we have a service technician who is not feeling well or anyone in their family who is not feeling well, then they won’t be working. In return, we ask that if you or anyone in your home is not feeling well, just let us know so we can reschedule the visit for a time when everyone is feeling better.

Our business is built on 4 pillars: Safety, Comfort, Health, and Energy Efficiency.

Right now, in our community, Health is at the forefront. Please be assured that we are here for you.

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FREE DURING APRIL - 10 Years of Worry Free Comfort!

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Install a New or Replacement 'All-Pro Series' Air Conditioning System During April and we will include a FREE Air Purifier AND a 10 Year Labor Warranty!

*Continue to maintain your system with any licensed installer and you're covered*

Trust All-Pro to provide an honest, professional and refreshingly affordable estimate, designed by experienced qualified technicians.

An Air Conditioning system recirculates the air.

Without air purification, airborne bacteria and viruses will simply recirculate around the home as they have nowhere to escape. Safe and effective, the device sterilizes your HVAC system and reduces biological contaminants at the source. Even when your system isn't running.

The air in our home may contain millions of particulates.

Most of which are so small that they are impossible to see. It takes a product, or several; products, that can offer filtration, purification, and sterilization to truly provide totally clean air.

THE DUST FREE® ACTIVE AIR PURIFIER supports all three levels of the clean air strategy

Filtration - Removes large symptom causing dust, pollen, mold, and dander. The DF® Active improves the performance of existing filtration systems.

Purification - Total home active air purification using next generation technologies to neutralize indoor air pollutants such as odors, VOCs, and bacteria.

Sterilization - Sterilizes your HVAC system and reduces biological contaminants at the source. Even when your HVAC system isn’t running.

Why clean air in your home is important

Our lives are not static. Neither is the air quality in our homes. It is always changing. Some hours, weeks, and months, our air is worse than others. Whether caused by cold or flu, cooking, cleaning, or a remodel project, at some point, exposure to bad air will affect every occupant in our home.

A 2018 American Lung Association study says that 141.1 million Americans live in areas with unhealthy levels of particulate in the air. Meaning that 2 out of every 5 Americans are breathing polluted air.
But the study focuses on outdoor air and particulate levels only. The study does not include indoor pollutants which regularly infiltrate our homes.

When you add chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants to the mix, that number of 2 in 5 Americans breathing bad air can potentially grow.

DUST FREE®’S ACTIVE AIR PURIFIER utilizes ionic oxidation technology plus negative ionization to target poor indoor air quality in the home.

  • Dual active air purification technologies provide a complete IAQ solution for your home.
  • Reduces particulate matter such as dust and dander by improving the performance of your existing filtration system.
  • Innovative carbon fiber brushes increase ion production.
  • Effective against biological growth, bacteria, odors, VOC’s, and more, in the air and on surfaces.
  • Expanded range ballast for increased electrical reliability.
  • Auxiliary power port to power an additional 24V Germicidal UV-C light allowing to easily add an additional UV light to any HVAC system.

The Micropure Active Air Purifier utilizes Ionic oxidation to eliminate pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

  • Unique air purification process even cleans air that doesn’t pass through the HVAC system.
  • Eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew, smoke, odors, VOC’s, and more.
  • Installs in any HVAC system.
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Happy loving dad piggybacking little daughter playing with family at home, smiling parents carrying kids on back, children boy and girl having fun together enjoying ride during active game on weekend

We Are An Essential Business And Ready To Serve You!

Dear Valued Customer,

We want you to know that we take your health and the well-being of our community and associates very seriously. Like you, we're closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic.

We are an essential business, ready to serve you. Respecting the fact that we should measure carefully our contact with others, we still need to be sure the Electrical and Air Conditioning systems in our homes and buildings are functioning properly. We are working hard to ensure we have no interruptions in our ability to meet your requirements. All of our employees are practicing social distancing and we monitor our own health. All-Pro technicians are responsible and we aim to continue exceeding your expectations everyday.

Before we come to your home, here are some things you as the homeowner can do to limit (or in some cases eliminate) the need for us to come into the home. While it is not possible to cover all applications, there are many situations where with your help we can do a tune up or maintenance, even some repairs, from outside the home.


Homeowner Checklist

The most common reason for a breakdown is because of a dirty filter

It should start to feel cold 10-15 minutes after operation

Does the outside condenser look clogged with dust?
Turn of the power to the HVAC system, hose down the condenser to clean the fins of debris with a standard garden hose and vacuum out the drainpipe with a shop vac.

Verify that the breaker is on to the AC Unit - If the panel is outside the technician will check it.

Make sure the batteries are new in the thermostat

Check that all the vents are open and have good airflow

This could be the time to ask us to resolve any outside issues that you have been putting off.

**As additional preventative measures, we are going paperless-no need to sign anything**


Indoor Air Quality Additional Benefits - We have offered these products for over a decade.

UVC light Installed in the HVAC System. Kills over 99% of viruses, bacteria, airborne mold and allergens after the first 24 hours of use. They have not been tested against Coronavirus but have been tested against other biological targets that require a higher UV dosage than Coronavirus

Air Purifiers - These certainly go a long way in helping to set up a healthy home.

An Air Purification system that works 24/7 - Proven effective in reducing contaminants in the air and on surfaces in every room throughout the home including areas that have reduced air flow.

No matter if you have a maintenance scheduled, need a tune-up, or electrical issues, we are ready to help. Thank you for your continued patronage in this trying time. We will do everything in our power to keep your home comfortable! Keep Safe!

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All-Pro Takes On Coronavirus

apco blog

UV disinfection technology is well understood. For over a century scientists have known about the germ killing properties of UVC Light. Used in millions of facilities, Healthcare Centers, Schools and Residential Homes UVC Light is the single most popular germicidal product in the world.

Fresh-Aire UV Systems are tested and validated against bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus.

Installed in the HVAC unit they are designed to disinfect the air as it circulates through the ventilation system and destroy contaminants on surfaces.

Proven to keep the coil inside the Air Handler free of mold and maintains a clean drain pan.

Fresh-Aire UV systems have been tested to achieve up to 99.999996% reduction on microorganisms. Chemical Free disinfection, safe and effective.

A very large percentage of microorganisms have an already defined mocrowatt dose for UV inactivation including Coronavirus.

Fresh-Aire UV Systems have not been tested against Coronavirus, but have been tested against other biological targets that require a higher UV dosage than Coronavirus.

Thorough hand washing, regular filter changes, HVAC Maintenance and a Whole Home Purifier are proven to make a difference when tackling viruses and improving your Air Quality.

Call 561 988 0460 For further information or Schedule an appointment online

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Keep the Flu Away With Your HVAC System


It's the Cold and Flu season

You can reduce your chance of getting sick by frequent hand washing, proper diet, exercise and lots of rest. Controlling your indoor environment will also impact the chances of you falling ill this flu season and your HVAC system plays a critical role in keeping your home’s conditions just right.

Keep your air fresh

Change your filters regularly - Dirty filters effect the air quality.

Cleaner air means less severe symptoms, a quicker recovery and a smaller chance of getting sick in the first place. Dirty filters can exacerbate symptoms if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. If you have a pet, dander accumulates in the system and then spreads allergens throughout the household.

Change your filters regularly and your'll breathe the difference

Whole Home Air Purification

It works even when your system is off!  An Air Purification system that works 24/7 - Destroys pollutants that have not passed directly through the HVAC system and is proven effective in reducing contaminants in the air and on surfaces in every room throughout the home including areas that have reduced air flow, We have Air Purifiers that come complete with a UV Light.

The Germ Killing Power of UV-C Light

Kills over 99% of Airborne Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens After the first 24 Hours of Use.  Proven to keep the coil inside the Air Handler free of mold, maintains a clean drain pan, destroys bacteria and viruses. Chemical free disinfection, safe and effective.  Moldy coils also waste energy and shorten the lifespan of the system.


valentines day


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'Smart Thermostat'... 'Smart Choice'

All pro 2019

Smart comfort

Nest Thermostats learn your patterns from your behavior instead of being programmed. This means that instead of constantly tweaking the thermostat because you're too hot or cold, the adjustments are carried out to maintain your comfort levels.

Better performance from HVAC equipment

Nest thermostats allow your HVAC equipment to work at optimum efficiency and to reduce the time they run at full capacity. Overall this extends their lifespan and saves on energy and maintenance.

Reduced energy use

The energy report is one tool that helps you save energy by allowing you to change habits. It has the ability to use your patterns to know when to reduce heating and cooling while you're away or asleep. This setback function saves you energy while you go about your daily routine.

Remote monitoring in case of equipment failure

If you're away for the holidays and your HVAC system fails, you don't have to wait until you return home to find out. Remote access to your thermostat allows you to see if anything goes wrong so you can take steps to prevent a major disaster.

Cost savings

When you combine lower energy consumption, improved equipment performance and reduced maintenance, you have a recipe for cost savings.

10 Years of WORRY FREE comfort with a NEW or REPLACEMENT
All-Pro Series Air Conditioining Unit - 10 YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY
Solve your comfort problems, reduce your energy use and with regular maintenance we promise uninterupted operation, installed by experts.
*12 months free maintenance included*



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Happy Thanksgiving from Team All-Pro


Giving thanks for good health is always an appreciation.

Lets' try to reduce bacteria and viruses spreading during this holiday season and do our best to keep you and your loved ones healthier.

WE CAN make a difference in your home and business With Whole Home Air Purification.

Did you know? Air Conditioning systems recirculate the air and even if you keep on top of your Filter Changes and Maintenance unwanted particles remain. An incredible 99% of airborne particles are invisible to the naked eye.


Viruses and bacteria

Without air purification, airborne bacteria and viruses will simply re circulate around the home, they have nowhere to escape. Residents will breathe in the contaminated air and are at a high risk of catching a cold or flu virus. While viruses aren't considered allergens, nothing is worse than having allergy symptoms and another illness at the same time. Dirty HVAC coils are also ideal breeding grounds for microbes, increasing your family's exposure. 

Dust mites

These microscopic arachnids are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but they are responsible for allergy symptoms like sneezing, congestion and coughing. Asthma is also connected to the unwanted presence of these tiny creatures.

Pet dander

Pets shed dead skin cells just like we do. This is known as pet dander and because of its small, sometimes microscopic size, it remains suspended in the air and accumulates in the home and settles on surfaces. Do you have a pet allergy that won’t clear up, even with extra cleaning? 

All-Pro recommend 'Active Air Purification'

  • Safe and effective, the device is installed into your existing HVAC system and works even when your system isn't running.
  • It actively seeks out and removes dust, dander, VOC's, germs, odors and allergens in the air, even on surfaces. Allergen Removal.
  • Targets Air Quality Problems at the source using environmentally friendly oxidizers and a negative ionization system.
  • It has a built in UV Light that keeps the coil in the Air Handler free of mold, maintains a clean drain pan, destroys bacteria and viruses.

Feel Healthier and Start Breathing Clean Air Today Call 561 988 0460


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You can Rely on All-Pro to be your calm before and after a Storm

hurricane dorian small

Follow our simple suggestions and you can breathe easy

  • Cool your home down to a comfortable level before the storm arrives, you may wish to consider lowering your thermostat a couple of degrees lower that usual, close all doors, windows, blinds and curtains.
  • Check the outside of your property to ensure that all plants, ornaments and pool accessories are either secure or brought inside. Cover the external Air Conditioning unit with a tarp or plywood and secure it with hurricane or condenser straps.
  • If you are concerned about flooding in your area and if it is possible, move the external unit to a higher level.
  • Turn your refrigerator down to it's coldest setting 24 - 48 hours before a storm and try not to leave the door open for long lengths of time, this will help to extend the period keeping the contents cool should there be a power outage.
  • Once the storm arrives turn off the power to the Air Conditioning. This will protect your unit from power surges that come from lightning strikes or the electricity being turned back on.
  • Once the storm has passed and it is safe to venture out. Check that your outside unit has not been damaged and turn the power to the Air Conditioning back on.
  • Changing your Air Conditioning filters on a regular basis and keeping the drain line clear and are necessary preventative measures to ensure the smooth operation of your Air Conditioning system.
  • If you have any concerns regarding the performance of your Air Conditioning or Electrical issues before or after a storm call All-Pro your local Electrical and Air Conditioning Specialists.

Remember you are in safe hands if you have our number 561 988 0460 - Call for Electrical or Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance or Installations

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Serving all your Commercial & Residential Electrical & Air Conditioning needs!

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All-Pro is Licensed & Insured, and that we’re qualified to fulfill all your Commercial and Residential Electrical and Air Conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance needs?

Perhaps you just know us as an Electrical Contractor or an HVAC Contractor or maybe you’ve used us at home but didn’t realize we do commercial work too.

Well, we want to make sure that all our valued customers know all the services that we offer.

Air Conditioning

If you know we do Air Conditioning, you probably already know that you can call us when your system breaks down in the middle of the night or when it’s time for a whole new system, but did you know that your HVAC system should be inspected and serviced at least once a year to run at peak efficiency and avoid expensive breakdowns, and that we offer maintenance plans to fit your individual needs?

Our Preventive Maintenance Plan Members receive:

  • 33-Point Performance Test
  • Service Within 24 Hours
  • No Overtime Charges
  • Electrical Service Inspection
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • No Diagnostic Charges for Gold Plan Members
  • 10% Off a New System for Gold Plan Members


On the electrical side, you can trust All-Pro for all your residential and commercial needs including:

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • GFCI Outlet Installation
  • Surge Protection
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Smoke Detectors

August Promotion

And, if you have any electrical work performed during the month of August, you’ll get 50% off our Gold Membership Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan (regularly $198). That’s equivalent to one free visit!

Call All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning at (561) 988-0460 for all your Commercial & Residential Electrical and Air Conditioning repair, installation and maintenance needs!

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Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

energy saving

In most Florida homes, the air conditioning system is the single biggest energy consumer. Therefore, using your system efficiently can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill.

These 8 simple tips will help you do just that…

#1. When it comes to air conditioners, the lower you go, the more money you blow. Set your thermostat to the highest temperature you’re comfortable with. Keeping the thermostat 10 to 15 degrees higher than what you’re used to for 8 hours a day will knock about 10% off your cooling costs.

#2. You may not want to turn your air conditioner all the way off when you leave the house but setting the temperature to 80 degrees while you’re away from home will make a big dent in your electric bill.

#3. Using fans in conjunction with your air conditioning system can make you feel three to four degrees cooler so you can set the thermostat a few degrees higher and feel just as comfortable for less.

#4. Keeping windows and doors shut and blinds and curtains drawn during the day will keep the sun out so your system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. Remember, the harder your air conditioning system works, the more energy it consumes and that means higher electric bills.

#5. Over time, your air conditioner’s air filter collects dust and debris which restricts the flow of air. When air flow is restricted, your AC works harder to keep you cool and that means higher electric bills so don’t wait for your air filters to become clogged. Cleaning and changing them every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of filter and your home’s environment, should keep the air flowing smoothly.

#6. The average home loses 15 to 25 percent of its cooling through leaky ducts. Visually inspect your ductwork at least once a year and have it professionally sealed or replaced if necessary.

#7. Regular maintenance will keep your air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency and it will extend its life. Having your system serviced twice a year can save you up to 17% on your cooling costs.

#8. Make sure that there is no furniture or anything else blocking the returns inside your home. Restricted air flow means your system works harder and you pay more.

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Get a FREE Surge Suppressor with a new air conditioning installation during July

lightening 2

Power Surges and Spikes

It’s important to protect your homes electronics from power surges that could cause damage. An electrical surge may be caused by power outages, lightning strikes, short circuits and tripped circuit breakers.

Whatever the cause, a sudden increase in current can damage electronics that are drawing power from the surging or spiking outlet. It could even render them completely inoperable, the increase in current having damaged them beyond repair.

How Surge Protectors Help

A surge suppressor (surge protector) is a device inserted in the utility line to prevent damage to electronic equipment from voltage "spikes". A typical surge suppressor is a small box with several utility outlets, a power switch, and a 3-wire cord for plugging into a wall outlet, but there are also surge suppressors that can be hard wired into the electrical panel. A surge suppressor prevents the peak AC voltage from going above a certain threshold thus protecting your electronic devices.

Standard electrical outlets don’t have any protection against power surges and spikes.

Surge protectors use a variety of different methods to do this, but they generally boil down to a system that diverts energy over the safe threshold to a protective component in the surge protector itself. The surge protector ensures that only the normal, safe amount of electricity passes through to your devices.

Get a FREE Surge Suppressor with a new air conditioning installation during July -  10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty *Included with the All-Pro Series*

*Simply continue maintenance with a licensed installer once a year and you're covered*

With Honest Upfront Pricing, All-Pro is trusted by more of your neighbors than anyone else.  "Exceeding Customer Expectations Every Day"

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Preparing your Air Conditioning System for Hurricanes

hurricane Florida 2019

The 2019 hurricane season started on June 1st and, even though forecasters are predicting a “slower-than-usual” hurricane season, it’s important to remember that it only takes one hurricane to wreak havoc.

You don’t need a very active season for just one hurricane to make landfall, so you need to be equally prepared for every hurricane season - regardless of how much (or how little) activity is predicted.

Living in Florida, we've all seen, or experienced firsthand, the amount of damage that strong winds and heavy rains can cause. You probably already have a routine that you break into whenever inclement weather is on the horizon. You bring in plants and patio furniture, board up windows, and make sure you’re stocked up on food, water and batteries, but do you prepare your Air Conditioning System?

During this time of year, when intense thunderstorms are commonplace, it’s important to know how to protect one of the highest ticket items in your home - make sure that your Air Conditioning System is on your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist!

1. Cool The House

Before the threat of the storm is imminent, try cooling your house as much as possible so you are comfortable for a while after you turn off your A/C System. Once your home is cool enough, turn off the thermostat and then turn off the Air Conditioning System at the breaker box. If you have any window units unplug them before you lose power.

2. Turn it off

If it looks like a power outage is inevitable, turn off your Air Conditioning System! Turning off the A/C, before the power goes out, greatly reduces the risk of blowing circuits and burning out the compressor when the power returns, and it protects the system from devastating power surges.

Nearly 90% of all electrical system damage occurs when the A/C is left on during thunderstorms and hurricanes. You may have to tolerate a bit of heat and humidity when you turn off your A/C, but leaving it on could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. It is safe to say that, in this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

3. Make Sure It's Secure

Make sure your outdoor unit is properly secured to the concrete. You should regularly check the metal bolts and straps that hold your system in place for signs of rust or deterioration which could make the unit vulnerable to high winds and always keep shrubs, planters and other objects at least 18 inches from the outdoor condenser so the system remains properly cooled and working efficiently.

Prior to the storm, bring in any outdoor tables, chairs or other items that could become airborne and cause damage to the A/C System. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even cover the outside unit with a tarp in order to keep it free from flying leaves, dirt and other debris, but make sure to remove the covering before you turn the unit back on!

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It's official - It's summer and the start of Hurricane Season, so let's beat the heat and be ready!

family 1

Air Conditioning - Do you have a plan? Are you feeling cool?

Regular filter changes and preventative maintenance are essential to ensure that your units are running at their peak performance during the hot humid summer months. You will benefit from fewer expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. Ask us about our Energy Savings Maintenance Plans 561 988 0460

  • An All-Pro service agreement customer is a priority customer
  • 10% discount on repairs and associated HVAC and Electrical products

All-Pro customers are informed customers

Did you know that you could take precautions to protect your HVAC system before a storm to help minimize system damage? It can also help to keep you safe.

  • Secure your outdoor unit, make sure all bolts are secure and tight, use hurricane straps when possible.
  • Protect outdoor equipment from flying debris.
  • If floodwater is a concern, have your HVAC unit placed on an elevated platform.

If you are concerned that your HVAC system may have incurred damage during a storm Call All-Pro to carry out an inspection 561 988 0460

STOP Surges before they enter your home with Industrial strength Surge Protection.

Power surges are caused by lightning, utility problems and by turning appliances on and off. They can cause malfunctions, premature failures and damages to your Home Entertainment Center, Computers, Appliances ,Air Conditioners and more..


Are you considering additional Outdoor or Indoor lighting, Ceiling Fans, Circuit Breakers, Electrical wiring, Circuit Breakers or GFCI's ?

All-Pro are licensed and insured, our technicians are professional and experienced. Residential or Commercial, Electrical or Air Conditioning. We're ready to do the job for you and do it right, first time.
Call 561 988 0460 or schedule an appointment online

At All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning, we won't be comfortable until you are.

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10 YEARS of worry free comfort on a replacement or new Air Conditioning installation

all pro comfort

The All-Pro 10 year warranty covers replacement PARTS AND LABOR.

All-Pro is proud to meet the high standards demanded by the manufacturer to be able to offer this exceptional warranty.  

Trust All-Pro to provide you with an honest, professional and refreshing affordable estimate, designed by experienced, qualified technicians.

Continue to maintain your system with any licensed installer and you're covered, *The 10 Year All-Pro Labor warranty applies to the All-Pro Series*

UV light is proven to keep the coil inside the Air Handler free of mold, maintains a clean drain pan, destroys bacteria and viruses, improves indoor air quality and saves energy. 

Ask us about our ongoing promotions – UV lights are occasionally included for free with a new or replacement installation.

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Some Like it Hot!

bigstock Young Couple Resting On Comfor 233294053

All-Pro customers are too cool to accept hot air inside their homes or business, they prefer to feel the chill of life and breathe easy

Imagine that the air is perfect, the perfect temperature, the perfect humidity. Let's bring this perfect outside scenario inside, where we work, where we play, where we sleep and make the inside as refreshing as the outside on a perfect day.

As we spend 75-90% of our time indoors, the EPA warns that the inside air maybe up to five times more polluted than the outside air.

All-Pro recommends:

Regular filter changes. It is better to use inexpensive filters and change them more often.

An All-Pro Energy Saving Maintenance plan which provides a genuine service, reliability and peace of mind, preventing future breakdowns and saving you $$$

A Blue-Tube UV light : Proven to be the most popular germicidal UV light in the World. Installed in your Air Conditioning system the UV light kills over 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens, 24 hours after the first use. 

All-Pro has the power to light up your life

From Indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical repairs or installations to circuit breakers GFCI's and more... All-Pro are experienced, professional, licensed and insured.

Stop Surges before they enter your home or business. 

Whole home industrial surge protection. Prevent malfunctions, premature failures, damages to your computer, home entertainment center, appliances or your air conditioning.

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Scheduling your Electrical and Air Conditioning needs with All-Pro really is a no brainer!

dont forgetDon't forget, we are Florida's #1 Electrical and Air Conditioning contractor for good reason!

Our customers trust us and regularly review us with a 5* Rating. We aim to exceed customer expectations everyday. Fully Licensed and Insured Contractors!

Call All-Pro for........

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance - We offer a thorough and genuine maintenance service on your Air Conditioning system.
  • Ask us about our Energy Saving Maintenance Plans which save you money by reducing energy bills and prevent costly breakdowns, preventative maintenance extends your HVAC lifetime, it's a fact.
  • Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement, Residential and Commercial, All-Pro boast a 10 year parts and labor warranty, on a proven high quality brand. Financing through All-Pro is available, sometimes the unexpected happens at an inconvenient time or maybe you would prefer to spread the cost.
  • Electrical repairs and installations, from indoor and outdoor lighting, Surge Protection or Electrical Panel replacement, whatever your need our experienced trained professionals are at hand to do the job right, first time.

Trust All-Pro, reliable and affordable, you can count on us to have you covered, the smart choice.

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Detox the Air in your Home

Blue Tube UV Light - 2 YEAR LAMP - 10% OFF

Proven to kill over 99% of airborne MOLD. BACTERIA. VIRUSES. ALLERGENS After the first 24 Hours of Use - Improves the Indoor Air Quality - Cleaner Central Air -System Maintenance and Energy Savings - Chemical Free Disinfection which is safe and effective.

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Electrical Repairs and Installation

January Discount 10% OFF

From Attic & Ceiling fans, Electrical Wiring, GRCI outlet installation, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, smoke detectors and more.

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AC Maintenance Plans

ONE MONTH FREE If you sign up in January

With an All-Pro Energy Savings Maintenance Plan you can take care of your AC system and extend it's lifetime keeping you cool. As licensed contractors we will ensure that your AC is functioning at it's peak performance, preventing future breakdowns and saving you money and energy.

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