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Many contemporary homes use natural gas as a source of energy, and it’s easy to see why. Natural gas can run appliances such as furnaces, boilers, stoves, ovens, and laundry machines, is a less expensive energy source than electricity, burns cleaner than oil or propane, and is readily available through municipal lines. However, the incomplete burning of natural gas creates carbon monoxide (CO), a dangerous gas that you do not want inside your home. There are other possible sources of CO in a house, including portable generators, lawn mowers, and cars parked in the garage. If an appliance that uses natural gas in your home develops a malfunction, it can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you have concerns about CO in your home you only need to give the electricians at All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning a call. We install and repair special carbon monoxide detectors that will warn you of a spike in CO levels that could present health hazards. Contact us today to arrange for service.


Why Have Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

One of the great dangers of carbon monoxide is that it is extremely difficult to detect. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Some natural gas companies place a taint into their product to give it an odor that makes CO emissions easier to detect, but for the most part you can expect that carbon monoxide will escape your notice—until you start to feel sick because of exposure to it. And that is not how you want to find out about CO in your home.

Carbon monoxide detectors are designed to alert homeowners about increased CO levels before the gas becomes dangerous. They have been repeatedly shown to be effective at sending out alarms in time to prevent harmful effects—provided they are installed correctly.

Call All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning for Carbon Monoxide Detection Services

To make sure that you have carbon monoxide alarms that will work when they need to, make sure to have professionals install them. They will see that the new detectors are working correctly and won’t make any nuisance noises (a problem in older models). They will also make certain the detectors are put in spots where they will be most effective.

Installation experts will provide you a regular maintenance schedule, since carbon monoxide detectors have a recommended replacement age after which their sensors will start to decline. The detectors run on power from your home’s electrical system, but for safety purposes they come with a battery back–up that must also be checked on regularly.

If you need to have installation of carbon monoxide detectors for your home, call up the electricians at All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning. We will see that your home is hooked up with the appropriate number of CO alarms in the rooms where they will do the most good, and wire them into the electrical system unobtrusively. You can turn to us for routine services to see that your carbon monoxide detectors are always ready to protect you and your family.

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