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The climate of Florida—long, hot summers with short mild winters—puts a premium on the power of a home’s air conditioner. Heating is important, but on a lower scale. This is one of the reasons that a heat pump is an excellent installation for home comfort. A heat pump works in much the same way as an air conditioner, but with the important difference that it can switch the direction that it works and also provide heat for the inside of a home. Heat pumps are superb at air conditioning, and their efficiency level at heating is well-matched to the light Florida winters.

All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning handles a wide range of services for heat pumps, starting with new installation. If you are interested in a heat pump for your home, give us a call. If your current heat pump is struggling, or if it’s time for its regular maintenance check-up and tune-up, give us a call. And if you have any questions about heat pumps, give us a call.

All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning provides quality service for heat pumps—installation, repair, replacement, maintenance—in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding areas.

How a Heat Pump Works

As we mentioned above, a heat pump is very similar to an air conditioner, and its operation is almost identical, but with a few important exceptions. Like an AC, a heat pump has indoor and outdoor units, and a compressor in the outdoor unit places refrigerant under pressure so that it travels between two sets of coils. As the refrigerant evaporates and then condenses, it absorbs heat from one coil and releases it from the other.

Where an air conditioner can only move refrigerant one direction, absorbing heat from the inside of a home, a heat pump has a reversing valve that can change the refrigerant’s direction. This means that the heat pump can absorb heat from the outdoor air and release it into the home. Although a heat pump will start to lose efficiency when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing (making it harder to siphon sufficient heat) this is almost never an issue in Florida winters.

The Advantages of Heat Pump Installation

Aside from the obvious benefit of having a comfort system that works as both a heater and an air conditioner, there are a number of other advantages of choosing to go with a heat pump. In heating mode, a heat pump is much more efficient than most other heating systems. The reason for this is that a heat pump doesn’t burn fuel to create heat the way that gas heaters and electric furnaces and boilers do. The electrical power is instead used to power the components in the heat pump to move heat. A family can save around 30% off their heating bills each year when switching from a furnace to a heat pump. Heat pumps also release very few emissions into the air, another advantage they have over standard heating systems.

We Handle Heat Pump Maintenance and Repairs

Heat pumps need occasional repairs and regular maintenance, just as air conditioners do. All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning has 24/7 emergency repair services to see that your heat pump is restored, no matter the temperature outside. Our routine maintenance service will see that your heat pump is prepared in the spring and the fall so it is ready for any kind of weather. Call us in Boca Raton, FL today to schedule whatever heat pump services you require.

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